Jesus, is that what the gas chambers were for? Asks Sam Smith

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Pop star Sam Smith spat his coffee out yesterday afternoon after watching a documentary on the holocaust.

Smith has been reading up on racism since his friend was racially abused by a bad man in a London street earlier this week, and the talented twenty-something crooner admits he doesn’t like what he has found.

He told reporters, “I’d heard about ethnic cleansing, obviously, but I’d always supposed it was some sort of Yugoslavian facial treatment.

“But nothing prepared me for what I saw on the History Channel. Christ.”

Smith is said to have watched in horror as what he thought were scout huts were revealed to have a more sinister purpose.

“Honestly, I had no idea people could be such complete and utter shits,” he told us.

“After watching that programme I feel duty bound to shine some sort of light on the issue.

“The indiscriminate slaughter of over twelve million people seventy years ago is something that affects us all.

“And if one things for sure, Hitler didn’t like light entertainment.”

Smith hopes to raise awareness of mass genocide through a series of sickly ballads held over three nights at the Wembley Arena.

He added, “Take that Nelson Mandela. I realised he put up with a lot of shit during his lifetime, but I had no idea it was to do with the colour of his skin.

“Fuck me.

“Next you’ll be telling me Donald Trump is a white supremacist!

“Wait, what?”