Fury as lottery website crash forces thousands to save two quid

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Thousands of people have complained angrily that a fault with the National Lottery website has left them 2 quid better off.

Despite repeated attempts to throw their money away, many were left fuming, and very slightly better off financially.

“I don’t squander my cash every wednesday”, said Simon Williams. “I normally wait until there’s a big prize, before I hose it up the wall.

“But I couldn’t log in, and now I’m just sat here, with roughly enough money for a cheese and salad sandwich. I don’t even like cheese. Where’s the comfort in that? I suppose I’ll have to chuck a couple of pound coins down the sink.”

Conversly, over 25,000 people have claimed that the crash ‘cheated’ them out of a win, and that technically, they should now be multi-millionaires.

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“If Camelot had done their job properly, I’d be sitting on a fortune,” said a disgruntled Tracy Howes.

“I was sick to my stomach when I checked the winning numbers, and realised I would have won over 50 million quid.

“Of course, that’s assuming the numbers I’d got on the Lucky Dip had matched them.”