Shadow Railway Minister’s resignation letter arrives an hour late via replacement bus service

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Jonathan Reynolds’ PA had a nightmare journey trying to hand-deliver the Shadow Railway Minister’s resignation letter.

Simon Williams had planned to get the 11:15 from Manchester to London Paddington but arrived an hour late following emergency repairs to the line around Birmingham.

“The irony is not lost on me,” sighed Williams, “although if anything this just makes me relieved for Jonathan; I’d hate to even begin to imagine how to deal with this shambles.

“I mean it probably won’t come up as nobody’s going to vote for us, but it’s a stressful thought nonetheless.

“I mentioned it to Jeremy Corbyn when I gave him the resignation letter but he seemed pre-occupied; he was throwing darts at a photo of the shadow cabinet while wearing a blindfold.

“I think that’s also how the rail people decide which trains are going to work today and which aren’t.

“Still, was a nice novelty to ride on a bus, I suppose. Gave me time to work on my CV.”

Jonathan Reynolds is expected to return to the back benches following his resignation, where he can shout abuse at his own party leader without anyone necessarily knowing who did it.