Donald Trump calls for ban on all bouncy castle salesmen entering US

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After ‘the new Jihadi John’ was revealed to be a former inflatable entertainment technician, Donald Trump has called for an outright ban on anyone associated with the bouncy castle industry.

Presidential hopeful Trump said, “These guys have a reputation for blowing things up.

“Whether it be castles, or giant orange gorillas.”

Trump claimed Siddhartha Dhar, or ‘Sideshow Sid’ as he called him, may have been radicalised by a visit to a village fete.

He also warned that Bouncy castlists often target children, or slightly moronic adults.

“Many bouncy castle operatives are fundamentalists, they insist people remove their shoes before entering. And they ban women too, at least until they put down that glass of prosecco.”

Critics of Trump claimed the ban would be unconstitutional.

“All circus and fairground activities are protected by the second amendment,” said Hillary Clinton.

“American citizens have the right to Barnums.”