Family clones pig after ‘best bacon ever’

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A couple have paid £67,000 to have a much-loved pig cloned in South Korea, after enjoying ‘the most delicious bacon sandwich imaginable’.

Chris and Holly Nolan couldn’t bear to be apart from the ‘sweet, tender’ animal, and also spotted the opportunity to brag about how rich they are.

Pig H875, or ‘Margaret’ as the Nolan’s called her, was no stranger to medical science. She made hundreds of people happy after a routine operation carried out with a bolt gun in a warehouse in Didsbury.

“When we’d finished our lunch, I started to cry,” explained Holly Nolan.

“Knowing that I would never taste genetically identical bacon left a hole in my life that I couldn’t fill, except perhaps with sausages.”

Fortunately, Chris had saved a sample of Margaret’s rind, and quickly popped it into an envelope with a cheque, before phoning the newspapers to say how much it had cost.

The couple had hoped her litter would be delivered on Boxing day, but they may have to wait a little longer.

As Holly acknowledged, “It seems Ocado are closed over Christmas.”