Batman smells, reports confirm

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Legendary crime-fighter Batman actually smells pretty bad, according to reports from Gotham city today.

The caped crusader has been dogged by sung allegations of B.O. for decades, but has always denied them.

However, mechanics at an all-night garage called out after the Batmobile lost a wheel have confirmed that he ‘honks like a drain’.

“We were just listening to radio reports the the Joker had robbed Gotham central bank when the Bat Repair phone lit up,” said mechanic Simon Williams.

“Batman brought in his car to replace the left-rear wheel. Turns out that wearing an all rubber one piece bodysuit really effects that whole ‘personal hygiene’ thing.

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“All the guys were too polite to mention it – Batman put Two-Face into traction for littering last week – but he niffed the place out. It was like a combination of strong, stale vinegar and old fish.”

Gotham Police Department report that in the confusion the Joker got away.

In other reports, Robin, the Boy Wonder, has been admitted to Gotham County Proctologists after ‘slipping in the shower and landing on an egg.’