Yorkshire Ripper calls for Syria bombing campaign, declared ‘perfectly sane’

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Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe has been declared perfectly sane after he expressed his thoughts on launching a bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria.

Doctors at Broadmoor Hospital, which houses some of Britain’s most dangerous psychopaths, have advised the Home Office that Sutcliffe is displaying perfectly rational thoughts and should be returned to a normal prison.

Their decision is largely based on a heated debate in the canteen at the maximum-security prison last week, when 69 year-old Sutcliffe – who brutally murdered 13 women in the early 80s – was overheard by staff expressing his full support for the government’s plans to launch air strikes on Syria.

A spokesman for Broadmoor told reporters last night, “Mr Sutcliffe is now clearly recovered, as his stance on bombing Syria illustrates beyond any doubt. No madman would want to bomb Syria, obviously.”

“However, we do have grave concerns about Ken Livingstone’s fitness to remain at large and we shall be making our doubts known to the Home Secretary in due course.”

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