Jeremy Corbyn went to the toilet in the aftermath of Paris atrocity, claims The Sun

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The Sun newspaper have made the claim that ‘disrespectful’ Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visited the toilet at his home just hours after the terrorist outrage in Paris on Friday night.

A Sun editorial claims the use of the toilet should be seen as a shocking lack of respect for the victims.

In their leader in today’s edition, The Sun calls for Corbyn to resign and to issue a public apology in the house of commons during Thursday’s prime minister’s question time.

They claim to have video evidence, taken by one of their reporters from up a tree opposite Corbyn’s home, that the left-wing Labour leader visited the toilet at his home four hours after the Paris massacre, spending almost 10 minutes behind the locked door.

The paper claims this is a strong indicator that he probably had a shit while bodies were lying strewn on the ground and while the injured were being treated where they lay or being rushed to hospital in ambulances.

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They also draw a stark comparison with Corbyn’s behaviour and that of the late Margaret Thatcher, who famously refused to open her bowels for 10 days following the Guildford pub bombing, carried out by the IRA in October 1974, as a mark of respect for the victims and which resulted in her having to have an impacted chod surgically removed.

The Sun tried to contact Corbyn for his reaction yesterday but were told by ‘sources’ that he was drinking heavily down the pub and wouldn’t be back for his dinner until after the memorial service for the dead from Notre Dame cathedral was out of the way.