New HBO series ‘Boobs and Swearing’ a massive hit

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HBO’s latest hit TV show, ‘Boobs and Swearing’ has taken the UK by storm, with over nine million people tuning in to the first episode.

“We were confident ‘Boobs and Swearing’ would be a hit.” said Andrew Costello, the UK born director of the series.

“The thing with a modern, sophisticated television audience is that they’re not shocked by boobs and swearing on TV anymore, and having that freedom to be open about boobs and swearing is really beneficial to a show like ‘Boobs and Swearing’.”

The programme’s plot is largely irrelevant explains screenwriter Stephen Emmsworth.

“Yeah, having a meaningless plot is great for me as a writer because it gives me the opportunity to really express myself with extended scenes of boobs and swearing.”

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‘Boobs and Swearing’ fan Simon Williams from Bracknell was very excited by the first episode.

“Oh I loved it!” he told us.

“I mean I wasn’t bothered about the story, acting or writing, but I’ll definitely be coming back for more ‘Boobs and Swearing’ next week.”

HBO’s newest hit show

But TV critic Marjorie Winterbottom was less impressed.

“I’m no prude,” she said, “but frankly I was shocked; ‘Boobs and Swearing’ does seem to feature a great deal more boobs and swearing than I was expecting.”

The dominance of ‘Boobs and Swearing’ in the TV schedule is expected to continue right up until January when HBO’s new show ‘Vaginas and guns’ arrives.