Ability to bake cakes somehow now ‘a thing’

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The list of things that can make you famous has been extended to making fancy cakes for people to eat on television, it emerged this morning.

With entertainment television show ‘The Great British Bake Off’ concluding last night with a winner in 60 year-old grandmother Nancy Birtwhistle, many experts have predicted fame will soon be available to all.

Entertainment consultant Derek Matthews told us, “What we are seeing is the elevation of what are essentially domestic chores into valuable television commodities.”

“I know, it sounded ridiculous when I say it like that. My only surprise is that Simon Cowell didn’t think of it first.”

Television owner Simon Williams told us, “My missus could win The Great British Iron off, definitely. And I don’t see why that particular domestic chore is any less worthy of fame than cooking?”

“What next? Britain’s Best toilet scrubber, where a selection of celebrity cleaners take it in turns to eat their dinners off a toilet seat cleaned by a contestant?”

Great British Bake Off

Amateur cooks around the country have said they wouldn’t mind becoming famous for something they already have to do at home anyway.

Housewife Diedre Smith told us, “I’m OK at cooking I guess, but is washing up a thing yet? Please let me know when it is.”

“I do this two-handed thing with a tea-towel that I’m sure the viewers will love.”