British couple to take goldfish to Australia for life-saving surgery

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A British couple are planning to take their sick 8 year-old goldfish to Australia for high-risk tumour removal surgery, it has emerged.

The Williams family from Milton Keynes removed their critically ill fish “Terry” from an NHS ward at MK General after heartless medics told the pair to flush it down the toilet.

Fish owner Simon, 42, has slammed the NHS as ‘callous’ and insists his fish will die unless a pea-sized tumour is removed from its rudimentary brain.

Williams said: “He’s been off his food for weeks and refuses to swim into the little plastic tunnels we bought from Pets At Home.”

“There’s no plaice in England where you can get this operation. It’s been a real haddock for us.”

“Then we read about the life-saving treatment available in Melbourne for as little as $200. We feel as though we have exhausted all other options.”

Fish surgery

Meanwhile , doctors at MK General remain unrepentant and have described the couple as “twats”.

Critics have also branded the family’s decision to go ahead with the operation as ‘some sick kind of fucked-up health tourism’.

A tearful Mr Williams added, “We’re only doing what normal fish parents would do under the circumstances.”

Dr Tristan Rich who will carry out the operation said, “The surgery takes around 45 minutes. The fish won’t remember a thing. Well maybe a couple of seconds of it.”

“After this it will be offered a cause of radiotherapy, which we can do in a microwave.”