Apple Watch to finally make eye-contact obsolete

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Apple’s new smart Watch will make the process of looking up at the world around you completely obsolete, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The new Apple Watch was announced at a highly anticipated product launch yesterday, and already Apple fans are speculating that the awkwardness of engaging with their fellow-man could be a thing of the past.

With new features such as shiny images, tappy buttons and things moving on-screen, the Apple Watch is set to revolutionise those precious few moments when you don’t actually have a phone in your hand.

Tim Cook explained, “Here at Apple we wait until there is a problem, and then we fix it like no-one else can. And we have finally addressed the issue of what to do when you can’t be bothered to take your phone out of your pocket.”

“Do you look up at the world around you, smile at the person opposite, start an actual conversation? Hell no – now you can just lift your wrist ever so slightly and delve back into the virtual world in which you’re most comfortable.”

“You can thank us later.”

Apple Watch announced

Fans of Apple have reacted with delight at the announcement, and are expected to begin queueing the moment someone puts out a sign saying ‘Apple Watch here in about 6 months’.

Apple user Simon Williams explained, “I’m sure there’s going to be an adjustment period where I’m going to want to show everyone how my Apple Watch works, but after that there’ll be little reason to ever look at anyone in public ever again.”

“I can’t wait!”