Eager fan spots giant red arrow shapes on leaked Star Wars set photos

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Star Wars fans have been left tumescent with excitement after leaked photos from the set of the new Star Wars movie revealed giant red arrow shapes that could be part of the Disney franchise.

The photos appear to show what fans are calling, ‘thin red pointy space ships that probably fire lasers and stuff’ located on the set near Greenham Common.

There are other Star Wars items in the photo, lending credibility to the discovery of these new transport modes.

Star Wars fan Simon Williams explained, “This is massive, just massive.  We have no idea if these giant red structures are goodies or baddies, but the way they are aligned to the Millennium Falcon and X-wing fights suggests they are baddies.”

“I can’t see any doors or wings, so they might even be missiles? Who knows!”

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“I’m not sure I can wait until 2016 to find out though, I’m desperate to know more!”

Star Wars leaked photos

Movie reviewers have suggested that the new structures show signs that J.J. Abrams has taken inspiration for his new film from application such as Microsoft PowerPoint.

As one explained, “I’ve seen similar structures when trying to create slides for executives at my publication.”

“I think we can probably expect to see them behave in a similar manner in the Star Wars universe.”

“I guess they either just dissolve into locations and fly in from on the sides of the screen.  It should be amazing!”

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