Katie Price changes Apple iCloud password to ‘password’

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The latest iCloud leaked celebrity photo revelation has come from Katie Price who told reporters today that she has changed her password to ‘password’, due to a lack of interest in her photos.

Price told reporters she was left with no choice but to change her password to ‘password’ after no-one had leaked any photos of her.

When asked about the change, Price said, “I don’t see why all those little starlets get to have all the attention.”

“I’ve got loads more experience of naked photos than any of them.”

Sources claim Price is considering suing Apple for the lack of equal representation during the leak, and is seeking monetary reparation to cover the costs of her own efforts in spreading photos of herself.

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“Mailing packets of nude photos to every news agency gets expensive,” she said, “Ever since the leak, I’ve tried everything to get my bits in the newspapers. It’s just not fair.”

While Price continues working as hard as she can in her efforts to advertise her talents, the rest of the world has begun making its thoughts known on the treatment of the topless model.

“I’ve taken time away from dealing with the Ukraine crisis in order to follow this horrid travesty,” President Vladimir Putin said in a public address.

“The willful indifference to complete fair treatment by the American company Apple to a citizen of the world is absolutely appalling.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron said, “This is ridiculous. Why are you bothering me about such nonsense?”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “This is good, we don’t need more naked photos of celebrities floating around. I hope Apple wins any result lawsuit brought by Price.”

‘The Fappening’

Apple has not yet voiced a reply to the lawsuit, but while Apple didn’t reply, ecommerce site Shopify released a statement saying, “… this whole event has been one sad and sordid affair.”

Dubbed “The Fappening” by many Internet goers, the leak of hundreds of private nude photographs from Apple’s iCloud service sparked a firestorm of debate and activity.

While some blame Apple and lax security for the major breach, others look for the hacker known as “4chan” as the true culprit behind the leak.

“This is terrible,” lamented one anonymous commenter, “my left arm is almost entirely numb, I don’t how I’m supposed to work tomorrow, this is a disaster.”

Not everyone is focused on the immediate effects of the leak however, as Twitter user @ChinkoMachine said, “Still hoping that all these nudes are leading up to a Half Life 3 announcement. #fappening”

With all the outrage, disgust, and support pouring forth from the citizens of the world, many are asking the real question, does this really matter at all?

As one Twitter user explained, poorly, ” It doesn’t make much sense that these women would take all these revealing photos and then upload them to the Internet and expect them to be perfectly safe.”

“That’s like trying to grab honey from a beehive and then blaming the dog for getting stung because he bumped the tree.”

“And no, I’m not even remotely interested in Katie Price’s photos.”