Monday 2 June 2014

Prince Charles leaving Spanish newspapers all over Buckingham Palace

Prince Charles has this morning ordered his mother a subscription to the Spanish national newspaper El País, insisting she pay more attention to European current affairs.

Reports of discussions between Buckingham Palace and St James’ Court seem to focus exclusively on news from Spain, according to Royal Correspondence expert, Simon Williams.

He told us, “The first message read ‘Mama, have a look at the news from Spain. Jolly interesting’.”

“A text from the Queen then thanked Charles for telling her and adds that weather in Spain is lovely at this time of year.”

“The next message read ‘Stuff the weather. Have you seen the NEWS? Only for the Queen to text back ‘Why, is there a shock in their World Cup squad?’.”

Dutch abdication

Charles’ responses are said to have become increasingly frustrating, repeating the words “the news”, often in block capitals and with multiple exclamation marks.

Williams commented that the texts could indicate mild frustration on Prince Charles’ part.

“It’s particularly significant that he sent the message ‘the bloody news u stupid cow! About the Spanish King Juan Carlos abdicating to let his son have a go for a bit!'”

“This could indicate a hidden desire for the Queen to comment on the fact that the King Juan Carlos of Spain has abdicated at the age of 76.”

Williams said the jury is still out on the Queen’s last text back to Charles – an enigmatic message containing the words “YES OF COURSE IVE SEEN IT, DREAM ON LOSER, LOL!”

Williams concluded, “Either she’s well into text speak or she’s left her phone on the train again.”

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