Monday 2 June 2014

Edinburgh tram ‘perfect advert’ for independent Scotland, claim ‘Yes’ campaign

Edinburgh Tram

The new Edinburgh tram system is the perfect example of what Scotland can achieve when left to its own devices, according to the ‘Yes’ campaign today.

With the Scottish independence vote just three months away, the Edinburgh tram system is proving to be the most effective tool in the ‘Yes’ campaign’s armory, illustrating what a cohesive Scotland is actually capable of – when it is allowed to manage things on its own.

Simon Williams of the ‘Yes’ campaign said, “What you are seeing here is the culmination of Scottish ingenuity, pride and engineering – and lots and lots of lovely patriotic bureaucracy.”

“If the English had been in control of this project it would still be in the planning stage, yet here we are, just several years behind schedule, and hundreds of millions of pounds over budget – and 100% Scottish.”

“It is a feat of engineering that all of Scotland can be proud of, and proof – as it if were needed – that we could handle running an entire country, no problem at all.”

“Building a tram line is a lot more complex than running a country actually, so if you’d like to think of this as a test, then you would have to say we have passed with flying colours.”

Edinburgh Tram launched

Edinburgh resident Michael Jameson told us that he welcomed the tram, and the opportunity to stick his fingers up at England whilst reveling in his country’s success.

“Look at this tram. Look at it! It’s magnificent!” he told us loudly

“Sure, as a resident of the city it’s been a pain in my arse for well over six years, but that’s the price you pay to not have the English scum in charge of anything.”

“If my life has to be shit so we can be free of England, then so be it!”

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