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Gary Barlow to hand back blue parking badge

Barlow to return blue disabled parking permit

Gary Barlow OBE intends to hand back the blue badge permit which enabled him to park freely in disabled parking bays up and down the country.

The lead singer of Take That, whose charity work saw him garner an Order of the British Empire, blamed the BBC for the confusion.

A spokesman for the singer, Sheila Mount, said the Mancunian mistakenly believed the badge to have been issued to him by the corporation’s Blue Peter show for his services to its annual fundraiser, Children in Need.

“Gary is truly devastated at being treated like an entirely normal British citizen subject to its archaic laws,” she stated.

“He viewed his decision not to park in standard parking bays as another act of charity, freeing up spaces for the general public.”

“He always thought it unfair those already on wheels should have the privilege of a spot closest to the entrance of Morrisons, whilst those moving unaided were forced to make good from further away – and he thought Blue Peter were in agreement.”

“Likewise, he viewed hiding his financial affairs from HMRC as allowing them more time to dedicate to investigating other, far poorer people.”

Gary Barlow caught out

The prime minister has waded into the debate, saying that maybe Barlow should keep his blue badge – even though he’s breaking the rules by having one – due to all the charity work he does.

However disabled driver, Henry Smith, said he would happily speak with Barlow should he wish to seek a replacement permit.

“He can have the permit, heck he can have my Nissan Micra too.”

“So long as he passes on the details of his accountant.”

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