Operation Yewtree detectives keen to interview Michael Jackson hologram

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Detectives running Operation Yewtree into allegations of historical sexual abuse are keen to interview the Michael Jackson hologram that appeared at the Billboard music awards in the US this weekend.

The hologram was seen onstage for several minutes during the awards, but has so far refused to appear for questioning – though officers remain hopeful of getting time in front of him soon.

A spokesperson for Operate Yewtree told reporters, “At this stage we will only confirm that Mr Jackson’s hologram could help us with our enquiries.”

“There is no direct suggestion of wrongdoing on the part of the Jackson’s hologram, and therefore any inference you make is your own.”

Upon being told that the hologram was merely a light-based fabrication made using technology, and not actually a real person, detectives pulled out a photograph of the hologram performing at the billboard music awards before asking, “explain that then!”

“We have witnesses who claim someone matching the hologram’s description could be involved in historic incidents of abuse, and as such we would like to investigate further.”

“We don’t want to make arrests at this stage, but we will be forced to do so if the hologram remains uncooperative.”

Michael Jackson hologram

A spokesperson for the Billboard awards said that no-one had seen the hologram since the performance ended.

They told us, “No, the Jackson hologram just disappeared as soon as the song was finished.”

“It was kinda suspicious now you mention it, they didn’t even want a dressing room. God knows where it’s hiding at the moment.”

“Then again this is Las Vegas, it could be doing anything. with or ‘to’ anyone.”

“All perfectly consensual. Obviously.”