Tuesday 20 May 2014

Audi owners claim new AEB brakes ‘will let us drive even closer to you’

Audi drivers

Audi owners have insisted that widespread adoption of autonomous emergency braking (AEB) would allow them to drive even closer to your rear bumper.

With petitions from concerned road users calling on the system to be mandatory on all new vehicles, Audi owners have said that anything which allows them to reduce the distance to the car in front should be ’roundly welcomed’.

Audi owner Simon Williams told us, “We all know that the so-called ‘congested’ major roads are basically just empty space.”

“I often look at the gap between two cars on the motorway and think, ‘you could get a couple of A4s in there easily’. People don’t know how to make the most of the roads they’re driving on.”

“But apparently this technology will let the car worry about braking when the car in front does, so you can focus on getting as close as is humanly possible.”

“If everyone drove like me everything would run a lot smoother, and there would be less congestion. I guarantee it.”

“AEB sounds like a welcome innovation if you ask me.”

AEB petition

Road users have welcomed the call for better safety measures in new cars, and asked if there was a way to prevent arseholes from abusing them.

Car owner Shannon Jones told us, “If we want to make the roads safer, then how about we just make all Audi owners take a test every year?”

“Or better still, make them like tractors and only let them on the roads during off-peak hours?”

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