Yaya Toure hands in transfer request after Man City fail to compliment new jacket

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Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has handed in a transfer request after club officials failed to compliment him on his new jacket.

Toure claims to have spent hours looking for a new jacket, only to find that the club’s billionaire owners didn’t care enough about him to tell him how great he looked when wearing it.

His agent Dimitry Seluk explained, “This is Yaya Toure we’re talking about, not some youth team player. He deserves to have his fashion choices recognised like the grown adult he is.”

“Did you know that when Roberto Carlos got a new haircut the owners of his club Anzhi sent him a text message to say he looked amazing? And they sent him a lifetime supply of hair gel.”

“We’re not saying Yaya wanted a text, but some sort of acknowledgement of how he looks would have been nice. Especially after all the effort he went to in spending 0.000001% of his wages on the jacket.”

Yaya Toure transfer request

City fans have reacted with anger at the club’s lack of concern for the fashion decisions of its star player.

Fan Simon Williams told us, “I’m season ticket holder of however many years it’s been since we got good, and I cannot believe the terrible behaviour of the club in this matter.”

“It’s like they actually want him to leave!”

However fans of other clubs have reacted with surprise that something so trivial is a story in the first place.

As one explained. “A grown many paid over £200,000 a week is upset because he didn’t get a compliment from his boss? This is a joke, right?”