Friday 17 January 2014

Modelling world celebrates as Kate Moss’ nose turns 20

Kate Moss' real nose

Supermodel Kate Moss is celebrating today as her nose reaches the grand old age of 20.

The nose, which has been resident in the middle of her face for a large portion of her career, is said to be delighted at reaching the milestone, especially when considering some of the things it’s gone through over the years.

A spokesperson for the nose said, “Obviously we’re happy to have reached 20, but the nose is just happy to help Kate in any way it can, and hopes to be part of her face for years to come.”

“Sure, there have been some tough times – and the nose has been left battered and bruised a few times, but there have also been some amazing highs.”

“Some incredible, class A, extremely chatty highs.”

Kate Moss’ nose

Modelling industry veterans have been left astounded by the longevity of Moss’ nose, saying it’s a testament to its versatility that it has managed to stay around for so long.

As one expert in pouting explained, “The life of a supermodel’s nose is normally one of looking pretty for the cameras for a few years – but this one has seen a life fraught with danger at every turn.”

“To see this nose still going strong at 20 years of age is simply unheard of in the modelling industry.”

“It must be incredibly resilient to still be going as it enters its twenties. Kate’s original nose didn’t last very long at all. Maybe this nose has had some work done, who knows?”

“To think, we could be here in twenty years time talking about a supermodel’s forty year-old nose. Imagine that?!”

“I would imagine that People will be suggesting to Kate that she trade the nose in to keep her image ‘fresh’, but I think she might have to keep this one just because of what it knows. Imagine the book it could write!”

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