Thursday 6 June 2013

Grown adults apparently shocked by completely made up thing that never actually happened

Game of Thrones Jon snow

Grown men and women have spoken of their complete shock over a fantasy television series depicting scenes that never actually happened.

Shock, horror and disbelief have been the major reactions by members of the public to actors portraying events that absolutely positively did not happen in the real world.

“I can’t believe it. I simply can’t believe what I’ve seen,” said Game of Thrones fan Simon Williams.

“Everything I ever thought I knew has been destroyed, life almost doesn’t seem real – just what is the point any more?”

“I must go to Facebook and quickly post about how shocked I am by the shocking thing I’ve just seen on the television.”

“In a fantasy show. Where everything is definitely, 100% made up.”

Television owner Shane Smith added, “Look, I have no problem with people immersing themselves in a televisual fantasy, but how about you act like a grown-up and snap out of it as soon as the credits roll?

Game of Thrones

People who understand how television works have been left bemused by the reaction of Game of Thrones fans, insisting they must be faking it.

Dave Sherwood told us, “One of my adult male friends said it was the most shocking thing he’d ever experienced in his entire life.  Oh, and he’s a fireman by the way.”

“If you want to hear something shocking, how about this –  a plane full of orphan babies flying to new families crashes into a volcano killing everyone on board.”

“Why are you not shocked? That statement is quite literally as real as Game of Thrones.”

“It’s because I’m not wearing a big cape and carrying a sword, isn’t it?”

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