Friday 7 June 2013

In space no-one can hear Justin Bieber sing, confirms Virgin Galactic boss

Justin Bieber’s trip into space is no accident according to Richard Branson, who says the pop star is actually quite pleasant in the silent vacuum of space.

Bieber celebrated reaching 40 million Twitter followers by booking a place on the inaugural Virgin Galactic trip, which will take paying customers beyond the planet’s atmosphere.

Virgin boss Branson told reporters, “The lack of atmosphere makes the transmission of any sound – whether from electronic instrument or voice – completely impossible.”

“So if you think about it, space is actually the perfect place for Justin Bieber.”

Bieber in space

Branson went on to explain that Bieber’s place on the flight will not affect fellow paying passengers in any way.

“We’ve offered him a special discount to take a seat on one of the wings. Re-entry might be a little warm, but the rest of the customers will definitely benefit.”

“Whilst we’re up there the vacuum of space will give him bulging eyes and make his saliva boil right inside his mouth, which might be a little disconcerting for anyone watching out of the window.”

“But – and I can’t stress this enough – he’ll be completely silent throughout.”

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