Monday 10 September 2012 by Alex

Coldplay ‘to unveil fifth chord by Rio Olympics’

As a spectacular London firework display was launched to celebrate Coldplay switching their amplifiers off, Chris Martin pledged to introduce a fifth chord into their work ‘by 2016’.

“It’s something we’d definitely consider, should we get the chance to do the Rio gig,” he said.

The band, booked to make the events themselves seem even more exciting than they were, spoke of the challenges involved in progressing to a fifth chord.

“The thing is, what we do is to play one chord for a bar, then switch to a second chord for the second bar.”

“Then we introduce a third chord for the third bar, before moving on to a fourth chord in the fourth
bar,” said Chris Martin.

“Then we play that again and I sing over it.”

“Then we play it again, with me doing one-fingered piano. It rocks.”


“We did do a major variation with the song ‘Yellow’ in that we did the four-chord thing on guitar, not piano,” added one of the other ones who isn’t Chris Martin.

“So it would be unfair to suggest that we aren’t radically experimental.”

“I suppose we could do something like put two chords in a single bar, but it might be tricky. We tend to leave that sort of thing to the freeform jazz guys.”

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