Vatican offers temporary home to all future undocumented Jet2 stowaway boys

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The Catholic Church has reacted to reports of an unaccompanied 11-year old boy sneaking onto a Jet2 flight to Rome by offering to look after all future stowaway children on that route.

The Vatican claim the boy, who got through a several layers of security screening at Manchester Airport by walking through them, has brought Jet2’s ‘wonderful’ service sharply into focus.

A Church spokesman told us, “This really is a symbolic story vaguely on a parallel with another young boy delivered in unexpected circumstances some 2000 years ago.”

“We all know the second coming is due some time soon, so it would be remiss of the Catholic Church to ignore the potential return of Our Lord, particularly if he comes free of documentation, without responsible adult supervision and lacking a forwarding address.”

“He sounds absolutely perfect.”

Jet2 stowaway

The spokesman said preparations for future unscheduled deliveries were firmly underway.

“We have begun construction of special room where any future young boys suspected of being the ‘Saviour’ will be thoroughly inspected for tell tale signs of religious importance.”

Jet2 have dismissed the significance of the stowaway child.

“We believe Jesus would at least have tried to pay for his ticket.”

“But we suspect his dress sense may have seen him flagged as a flight risk.”