Posing naked in Playboy clearly very traumatic, firemen tell Bollywood star

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After Bollywood starlet Sherlyn Chopra declared just how traumatic it is to earn hundreds of thousands of pounds posing naked in a Playboy shoot, firemen everywhere have expressed sympathy for her difficulties.

The actress, who will become the first Indian star to appear naked in the top-shelf semen extractor, announced her surprise at how difficult it is to pout suggestively whilst naked in front of a camera.

Former fireman Tommy Sheath leapt to her defence, claiming that hidden dangers are everywhere with such a job.

He told us, “Its quite easy to sneer when a haughty, upper-class strumpet drops her drawers for a sickeningly large sum of money and proceeds to label it as one of the most difficult days work she has ever encountered.”

“But you need to consider the level of threat given the situation – is the flash on the camera too bright? Could she pull a hamstring whilsts preading her legs excessively? Has Hugh Heffner been at the viagra?”

“These are serious issues.”

“I’d much rather run into a burning building, if I’m honest.”

Sherlyn Chopra in Playboy

A spokeswoman for Ms Chopra dismissed claims she was exaggerating the difficulty she faces in her latest role of ‘naked Bollywood star’.

“Have you ever encountered the stress of trying to accurately convert several hundred thousand dollars into rupees?”

“She might need counselling.”