Relief as dead sitcom ‘star’ isn’t anyone you’ve heard of

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Readers of popular news websites are breathing a sigh of relief today, after discovering that a recently deceased actor meant nothing to them.

With popular US sitcom stars including Charlie Sheen, Joey from Friends and that one who was a postman in Cheers and now does some voices for Pixar, most readers believed an outpouring of emotion was definitely on the cards.

But despite a headline implying that it would definitely be someone you’ve heard of, it quickly became apparent you didn’t even remember the show he was in.

“It’s a while since I wrote ‘RIP’ on Facebook”, claimed ‘fan’ Julia Foster from Watford.

“I was hoping for a dozen or so ‘likes’ from my friends, for being the first to post an obituary for somebody famous.”

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But Foster soon realised she wasn’t even sure how to pronounce the name of the deceased.

“After reading the article I felt a little bit cheated”, she complained. “It took nearly a minute for the page to load on my iPhone.”

“As soon as I read the first paragraph, I realised I’d been conned”, admitted Foster.

“It’s really sad when someone dies and I have to look them up on Wikipedia to know who they are. It’s just such an awful waste of my life.”

Foster believes the actors death wasn’t entirely in vain, and is confident of a retweet on Twitter.

“It feels a bit cheap to exploit someone’s death in this way”, said Foster.

“But it wasn’t just me using the #deadsitcomstar hashtag.”