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Andy Coulson to be given chance to find out whether prisons are like holiday camps

Andy Coulson Sentenced

Andy Coulson is has been sentenced to 18 months for phone hacking today, handing the former News of the World editors the chance of finding out exactly how similar prisons are to holiday camps.

Coulson was charged with conspiring to access the voicemail of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, and face the prospect of a long stay in a venue “more akin to an all-inclusive Butlins stay than a prison”.

As one former Sun reader explained, “Over the years we’ve marvelled at The Sun’s investigative journalism, and it’s breakthrough reports on how prison is no deterrent to criminals, with inmates merely pampered and treated at the expense of the tax payer.”

“I look forward to reading their expose from the ‘inside’ on how the gym and exercise facilities are better than you’d find on any council estate.”

“Maybe they can take a course? I hear the distance learning packs are quite good for those wanting to learn about Business Ethics.”

Coulson sentenced

However some observers have insisted that it would be wrong to condemn Coulson just because he had his day in court and the opportunity to present his case to a jury of their peers.

Member of the public Simon Williams told us, “I think we should wait and see how his inevitable appeal goes.”

“Making snap judgements about the severity of his guilt or innocence is not the job of the general public.”

“That’s the job of the tabloid editors.”


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