Cameron accidentally leaves Clegg running country “for about 15 minutes”

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David Cameron has admitted that he accidentally left Nick Clegg on his own in Downing Street, effectively in charge of the country “for about 15 minutes”.

The Prime Minister said the mix-up occurred when he and George Osborne left Number 10 in separate cars and each thought the Lib Dem leader was with the other.

“It was only when we got to our meeting at the Home Office that we realised our mistake”, admitted Cameron.

“It’s every PM’s nightmare. I dashed straight back and luckily he was still sitting right where we left him, just eating a packet of crisps.”

Other politicians were quick to condemn Cameron’s mistake. Labour leader Ed Miliband warned that Clegg would have had his finger on the big, red shiny shiny nuclear button for quarter of an hour and might not have been able to resist pressing it, despite the “Nick – Do not touch” sign.

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There was also criticism from within Cameron’s own party, with one Tory back-bencher saying, “Anything could have happened. He might have reversed our spending cuts, or joined the Euro.”

Sympathy came from an unexpected quarter though, with a visibly upset Tony Blair recalling the time he once left John Prescott in a hot car.

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