MPs to encourage teens into teaching by keeping them away from teachers

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A report by the Commons Education Select Committee has said that the best way to attract teenagers into teaching would be to keep them away from teachers who might accidentally make them aware of the pay, pension and workload.

The MPs have claimed that sixth-formers should be offered the chance to taste life at the other end of the classroom as a way of helping them see the benefits of the job, but not the possible impact upon their health.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Schools Minister Nick Gibb said the government valued teachers very highly.

“We need to encourage the brightest into the profession,” he said.

“One way of doing this would be to treat teachers with respect and listen to them, but that’s not going to happen, so the alternative is to stop young people interested in a career in teaching from talking to teachers altogether.”

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“We don’t want young people with an interest in teaching being put off teaching by hearing about teaching from teachers that are teaching.”


The report, entitled Great Teachers, draws on international evidence which shows how the best teaching can accelerate learning, boost grades.

However, it fails to highlight that attracting and retaining top teachers would require them to feel valued in some way.

Mr Gibb said the government would consider the recommendations in full and was already considering attaching electrodes to teachers to deter them from saying anything negative about teaching in the presence of anyone who is under-18.

“The government’s strategy for recruiting new teachers is based on ignoring the views of existing teachers”

“I’m glad that this report supports that.”