Nadine Dorries highlights David Cameron and George Osborne as a compelling case for abortion

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Conservative backbencher Nadine Dorries, who has previously campaigned against abortion, has had a change of heart after highlighting that the country would be a better place if David Cameron and George Osborne had been terminated during pregnancy.

Describing the PM and his chancellor as “two arrogant posh boys who show no remorse, no contrition and no passion to want to understand the lives of others”, the MP for Mid-Bedfordshire insisted that, in hindsight, there are circumstances when abortion could benefit society.

“I realise now that I may have been a bit hasty in my previous statements in which I spoke out against abortion, and its status as a mortal sin.”

“If I could, I would gladly go back in time and confront Mrs Cameron and Mrs Osborne, armed with a bottle of gin and some knitting needles.”

Dorries on abortion

Members of the public have been left confused by Dorries’ outburst after it failed to leave them feeling extremely angry.

“I found myself nodding in agreement with pretty much everything she said,” said 42 year-old Gavin Swift.

“I was just waiting for her to come out with something truly abhorrent, but it didn’t happen.”

“I’m really not sure how agreeing with her makes me feel.”

In light of her remarks Ms Dorries has introduced a Private Member’s Bill in the House of Commons that will increase the current time limit on abortions from 24 weeks 414 months.