New Google privacy policy emails pictures of you in your pants to all your neighbours

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Internet giant Google has come under criticism for its new privacy policy which automatically emails pictures of internet users in just their pants to all of their neighbours each time they use a Google-owned website.

Google said it believed the new policy complied with EU law.

“We are confident that our new simple, clear and transparent privacy policy respects all European data protection laws and principles,” explained Google’s Jerry Simpson, “and that by being born, people have accepted our terms and conditions”.

The new policy, which is automatically applied without the internet user being inconvenienced by being asked for their consent, will see a photo of them in just their pants emailed out to every IP address within a 100m radius on Google Streetview every time they use Google, YouTube or Blogger.

But data regulators in France have cast doubt on the legality of the move and launched a Europe-wide investigation. “This is a gross invasion of internet users’ privacy”, said EU spokesman Christian Éclair.

“Pants and a vest, maybe. But not just pants.”

Google has reassured critics that anyone can opt out at any time, simply by dying.