Tuesday 28 February 2012 by JonnyB

Bear Grylls cancels Italian cruise holiday

Adventurer and TV survivalist Bear Grylls pulled out of an Italian cruise holiday yesterday, citing safety concerns.

The presenter of ‘Born Survivor’ was due to embark upon a luxury fortnight in the Mediterranean via Costa Cruises, but pulled out at the last minute saying, “I’m sorry – you’re not getting me on that thing”.

Grylls, famous for wading through alligator-infested rapids whilst wrapping poisonous snakes around his waist and setting his head on fire to ward off mosquitoes said that he would be happy to lose his deposit on the cruise.

A spokesman for the company criticised the presenter, emphasising the cruise line’s unblemished safety record, “except for a couple of times, and all boats catch fire occasionally”.

But speaking from central Syria via a satellite phone that he had fashioned by inserting a 25,000kW power cable up the arse of a live scorpion, Grylls denied that he was being overly-cautious.

“My career is based upon applying unusual survival techniques in extreme circumstances”, he said, over the sound of mortar fire. “But I’m not going on one of those cruise liners, even with the back up of producers and a camera crew. It’s just too dangerous.”

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