When we demanded you close tax loopholes we didn’t mean start with cheap DVDs, claim consumers

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Despite months of protests insisting that tax loopholes should be closed in times of austerity, consumer groups have reacted angrily after the government chose to start with those loop holes which makes the things they buy more expensive.

The complaints arose after the government announced plans to stop organisations like Amazon, play.com and Tesco benefitting from a VAT loophole and making your Christmas shopping a little bit less expensive than it already is.

As one consumer explained, “Tax loopholes are bad, definitely. But when we picture the beneficiaries of such things we always picture a guy in pinstripped suit sipping expensive cognac before deciding which holiday home to use this weekend.”

“Not your Aunty Marge sat in front of the computer trying to figure out how to buy a Justin Beiber in concert DVD.”

“It strikes me as slightly strange that they’ve decided to focus their attention here to begin with. Though I suppose it will serve Aunty Marge right for not donating millions to political parties or investing heavily in political lobbying.”

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Cheap DVD VT loophole closed

Economics experts have warned the new policy might have unexpected financial effects.

Analyst Michael Brotherton told us, “Sure, this might help some local businesses and reduce the impact of the cuts to the tune of £100 million, but it will also mean everyone will have to pay an extra 60p on the cost of ‘High School Musical 3’.”

“Which is already vastly over-priced, in my opinion.”

The news has also caused anger amongst residents of the Channel Islands.

“We’ve been benefitting from being part of the UK for years now, and yet suddenly the government is now saying we’re going to have to start paying our fair share of tax? It’s a disgrace.”

“We haven’t seen this big a threat to the local economy since John Nettles announced he was leaving Bergerac.”