Male compliments banned for being ‘misleading’

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An advertising watchdog has banned men from making misleading compliments to their partners after complaints that they were ‘not representative of the true results achieved’.

Men across the nation will now be prevented from using ‘opinion’ and ‘unverifiable facts’ when describing their wives and girlfriends.

The Compliments Standards Agency said that for too long men had been using misleading phrasing, and making claims that were frankly ‘preposterous’.

Men everywhere are appealing the decision, claiming the new ruling puts them at a distinct disadvantage in trying to keep females happy.

One such man told us, “This is not a watchdog ruling, this is a death sentence.”

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‘Misleading’ compliments banned

Trevor Williams, 32, was dismayed at the news, telling us,”She asked me, like she does when she’s getting ready, ‘does this dress make my bum look big?’.”

“This is where the new ruling really hurts us. Am I now supposed to declare that her arse is the same size regardless of the dress?”

“Or that her new eye shadow makes her look exactly the same age, if a little more ‘desperate’?”

“I’m really not sure I’ll survive this.”

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