Jason Manford leaving One Show to spend more time with Twitter messages

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Jason Manford is to leave his position as a presenter on the the BBC’s One Show in order to spend more time with his growing Twitter messages.

The presenter, who has been in post for just four months, said it was impossible to cultivate a sufficiently high quality bevy of on-line amateur lovelies, whilst also presenting the show to dozens of viewers.

In a prepared statement Manford told reporters, “It’s been an extremely tough decision, but I’m hoping that by concentrating on Twitter I might get some truly excellent pictures from eager female fans with friends at the newspapers.”

“I’m sure my decision will disappoint a few people, but I only have a finite amount of time, and I have to spend that time where I can do the most good.  And by good, I mean do the most naughty.”

“I’m sure my fans will understand.  Well, the male ones will.”

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Jason Manford One Show

Analysts have suggested that the decision makes sense, and that there was no point in Manford spreading himself too thinly.

Television critic Quentin Williams told ua, “He has a burgeoning comedy career, regular slots on other shows, and nearly a million Twitter followers from which he can cultivate thousands of pictures of breasts over which to masturbate.”

“There is really very little time left to site next to some Welsh bird whilst a C List celeb plugs their  latest DVD, book or album.”

“Given the choice, I know where I’d focus my energies.”