I meant Tory peers have never had it so good, clarifies Lord Young

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Lord Young has apologised to the Prime Minister for a newspaper interview in which he downplayed the effects of the recession, explaining that he meant Tory peers have never had it so good.

The newly-appointed government Enterprise advisor was talking to the Daily Telegraph, when he meant to tell them that Tory peers have never had it so good as during the so-called recession.

Lord Young told reporters, “The point I was making is that having Lord in front of your name pretty much makes you recession proof.”

“Even if you’re one of the rubbish ones like Lord Coe.  He’s not going to be on a dole line any time soon.”

“People need to realise that Tory peers don’t tend to live in council houses, and being incredibly rich in times of hardship really does make it seem like you’ve never had it so good.”

“I’m glad we cleared that up.”

Lord Young

Lord Young has been back by peers from both parties, with many claiming that ‘never having had it so good’ is true for all Lords, regardless of political affiliation.

Another member of the House of Lords explained, “Look at that Lord Sugar fellow, he’s on television more than ever.”

“Do you think that’d be the case if we could afford to make better programmes? Of course not, thanks to the recession he’s never had it so good.”

Lord Young concluded, “We get all this, plus we get invited to all sorts of fantastic parties.  I honestly believe there has never been a better time to be a Lord. More people should try it.”