FIFA duo agree not to take bribes until November 2011

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After being banned from football activities for one and three years respectively, FIFA executive committee members Amos Adamu and Reynald Temarii have begun making plans for their next round of bribes in 2011.

The pair were banned over claims they asked for money in exchange for World Cup votes, a practise which FIFA had hoped would remain behind closed doors.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter told reporters, “We are glad to put this incident behind us, and both Amos and Reynald have given me their personal assurances that they will not take any more bribes until November 2011.”

Despite critics suggesting that the punishment of a 12-month ban for taking bribes is not sufficient, footballing experts insist this amounts to both men serving significant ‘hard time’.

Football agent Booby Redknapp told us, “You have to understand that in the world of footballing bribes, a year is like twenty years in real life.”

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“A bribe year is a lot like a magnified dog year.  Sure, to an outsider, this might seem like a slap on the wrists for potentially fixing the world’s largest single sporting event, but this will cost them financially, big time.”

FIFA Bribe scandal

Supporters of the banned pair have explained that no-one should criticise them for trying to maximise their earnings in what is a very short career.

Former FIFA member Reginald Bertram told us, “Much like the players, the career of an Executive committee member is a short one, and so we can’t really criticise them for trying to make as much money as they can in the short time they’re at the top.”

“Is there really any difference between James Milner moving to Manchester City for an extra fifty grand a week and Mr Adamu selling his votes to the Russians?”

“Or course there isn’t, they’re both professionals, and looking they’re both looking after number one.”

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