Pudsey bear injured by oversized cheque emblazoned with corporate logo

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A man dressed as Pudsey bear has been seriously injured after an unnecessarily large cheque featuring a corporate logo was dropped from the crane that was transporting it to the studio where tonight’s Children in Need show is being filmed.

It is believed the oversized cheque featured the logo of a company whose employees did all the hard work in raising the cash, but whose logo takes prominence ensuring the brand itself takes the credit.

Children in Need’s corporate partners have expressed concerns that the incident could lead to them having to scale down the size of the cheques they hand over, which will lead to questions as to the point of charity if it doesn’t allow them to get their massive logo onto prime-time television.

A spokesperson for Asda revealed “Asda staff and customers raised £1.75 million in 2009, which is in line with how much Asda’s boss is paid every year.”

“I think those figures show how committed the board of directors are to getting the staff to do all the fund-raising.”

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“All we ask in return is that our logo is displayed on an enormous cheque allowing us to take the credit for the hard work of thousands of ordinary people.”

Children In Need

A BBC spokesman has confirmed that a man is currently in hospital undergoing treatment for head injuries.

“We hope that this incident doesn’t detract from what people associate Children in Need with, which is annoying people who turn on at 8 O’Clock expecting to see EastEnders.”

Viewer Ronnie Williams told us, “No, I won’t be giving this year.  Why should I? I donated a tenner last time and they still haven’t fixed that bloody Bear’s eye.”

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