Arsenal announce record profits, what do you think?

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Arsenal Football Club has announced record pre-tax profits of £56m for the year to May 2010, up from £45m for the previous 12 months.

The club said it had sold 362 private apartments at Highbury Square, and also said it had paid off all debt on its Highbury Square property development of flats, built on the ground of its old stadium.

We sent our reporters out onto the streets to find out what you thought of Arsenal’s record profits in a time of great financial concern for most football clubs.

Woman on the Street“Ha! And to think people still say the best way to run a successful football club is by winning trophies. In your FACE traditionalists!”

Debbie Brook, Arsenal Fan

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Man on the Street“I wish I’d listened to my Dad, he always said the way to a lifetime of riches was to own a few nice pieces of arse.  Now I finally know what he was going on about.”

Trevor Farnsworth, Spurs Fan

Man on the Street“Bricks and mortar, it’s the way forward. I bet if they stopped pissing around with all that football pitch related stuff they could make even more money.”

Mike Shane, Accountant

Woman on the Street“I’m already working on a new chant, it goes, “Our balance sheet is significantly stronger than yours! Our balance sheet is significantly stronger than yourrrrs!

Maureen Thomas, Season Ticket Holder

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