Anger as 500 million people forced to sit at their computer clicking refresh

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500 million people worldwide were put in the uncomfortable position yesterday evening of trying to find something better to do after social networking site Facebook suffered its worst shutdown in four years.

Millions of people were forced to go on alternative social networking sites to vent their anger at not being able to use their preferred social networking site.

“I can’t believe this,” fumed one angry Facebook user. “At this rate I might be forced to go and have a face to face conversation with someone I know in real life.  Oh God, how will I know if someone even ‘likes’ this?”

“I’ve texted some of my friends the details of my dinner, but it’s just not the same!” blasted another.

“I’ve been using Facebook pretty much non-stop for three years, but this two-hour failure shows it’s clearly the worst entirely free service on the Internet.”

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Facebook outage

The problem, which has been put down to a software flaw, started at around 7pm (BST) and lasted an agonisingly lengthy two-and-a-half hours.

One of Facebook’s senior engineers confirmed, “The key flaw that caused this horrific incident was an unfortunate handling of an error condition. Yes, that’s a real thing.”

“We would like to offer our sincere apologies to everyone that was affected and we will be providing counselling to anyone who has been left traumatised by not being able to log on and indulge in banal online chit chat for a couple of bloody hours.”

“Rest assured the idiot responsible has been defriended by everyone in the office.”