Women failing to realise men rarely look below their chest

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Nearly four in 10 women have failed to realise that men barely notice what they wear below the chest and continue to buy shoes knowing they do not fit, a poll of 2,000 women reveals.

80% of women admitted to suffering foot problems due to their foot wear in an effort to look sexy, despite no man ever commenting how sexy a women looked from the ankles down.

Lorraine Jones, from the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, said: “Many women fail to recognise that you could go out in a pair of farmers’ wellies, so long as you have a bit of cleavage showing.”

“Buying ill-fitting shoes might help with self-esteem, but it makes little difference to your overall attractiveness to the opposite sex.”

“Why not try some nice slippers?  Or perhaps some moccasins?  If you’re really feeling like to you need to sex them up a bit, try fish-net stockings.”

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The survey was undertaken after many women complained about a lack of compliments from their male partners regarding their choice of footwear.

“The only time he ever looks at my feet is if I suddenly appear a little bit taller than him.”

“And even then he checks his own feet first to see if he’s standing in a hole.” said one woman surveyed.

When asked for comment regarding the continued purchases of uncomfortable shoes, men said, “Let them buy them if they want, if it makes them feel nice, then good luck to them.”

“Hang on, they cost HOW much?  For shoes?!  Jesus wept, you could buy every shoe I’ve ever owned for less than that!”

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