Iran attempts to bury air crash tragedy under political and social unrest

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Iran stood accused last night of trying to bury the news of a tragic airline disaster behind blanket global news coverage of its political corruption and mass social unrest.

Details of the Caspian Airlines crash in northern Iran have been leaked despite the Government doing it’s best to bury the story by filling the global media with stories of elections rigging and mass false imprisonments.

‘Burying’ bad news has long been a tactic of Governments the world over, in trying to sneak out unpopular stories when the news agenda is dominated by other major issues.

The Iranian Government is well known for not caring how the West perceives it’s politics, social stability or religious fundamentalism, but it has drawn the line at being perceived as having a shoddy airline.


The Caspian Airlines crash brings to six the number of fatal air crashes in Iran since 2002, highlighting just how bad Iranian airlines actually are.

“They’re terrible, and if you fly with one you have a very good chance of burning to death in a mid-air fireball, or plummeting into the ground like a fucking dart,” said a frequent Iranian traveller.

“But I’d still rather use them every day for the rest of my life than take one trip with Ryanair.”


The efforts of the Iranian government to suppress tales of sub-standard airline travel have failed mainly due to diligent members of the public with access to Twitter.

“They think that by stealing an election and making prominent opposition officials completely disappear they can prevent us discovering the shocking state of our airlines, well they are wrong!” said one Iranian Twitterer.

“They can give the western media as many human rights violation stories as they like, but we will continue to spread the word of our unsafe planes.”