Delays to Post Office deliveries to be on purpose for a change

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Strike action by the Post Office will be responsible for the delays to the post this Friday, instead of the usual mix of incompetence and general lethargy.

The Communication Workers Union has announced the strike as part of a dispute over jobs, pay, services and other things that the postmen have moaned about.

“I might have to work until I’m 65,” said one 55 year-old postman who voted for strike action.

“I didn’t join the post office so that I’d have to work to same age as every other worker in the country.  It’s a disgrace.”

The public have raised many questions ahead of the planned action.

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“I have to post a birthday card to get there on Friday, but I never expected it to get there on time anyway, so I’m not sure what they are hoping to achieve?” said one Royal Mail customer.


The strike is expected to go largely unnoticed by members of the public as postal deliveries that are intermittent at best, are cancelled entirely for twenty-four hours.

“Did they strike last Tuesday and Thursday?” asked another concerned customer.

“Because I didn’t receive my post on either of those days, and it would be nice to have something that resembled an excuse for that, no matter how weak it was.”

Should there be a breakthrough in talks there is a possibility that the strike action will be called off,  in which case mail you don’t receive Friday will not be the result of industrial action.

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