Boris Johnson’s chickens to dine at London’s best restaurants

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It was revealed last night that London Mayor Boris Johnson’s ‘chicken feed’ salary of £250,000 from the Telegraph is being used to feed his chickens at the best restaurants in the capital.

He told the BBC’s Hard Talk programme that it was wholly reasonable for him take his chickens to some of the most opulent eateries the nation has to offer.

Johnson told Hard Talk: “Of course I make a substantial donation to charity, but the rest is spent on providing my chickens with the finest foods known to man.  Or bird.”

“They like to take breakfast at Claridge’s, with a late lunch at the Ivy most days.  Dinner can be anywhere from The Waterside Inn to La Gavroche.”


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Though the venues themselves might be seen as extravagant for essentially flightless birds, it is the tastes of Johnson’s chickens leaves many fellow diners stunned.

“We were sat on the table next to Boris’ eight chickens and the restaurant staff brought out what I am quite sure was a grilled swan.” said restaurant patron.

“They also had a plate of what looked like buffalo wings, but I definitely heard the words ‘peregrine falcon’.”

The chicken dining club has caused controversy after Conservative leader David Cameron mandated that his senior colleagues should not be taking on second jobs.

However, Boris had previously received the OK for his Telegraph role after telling Mr Cameron that his extra job would merely involve ‘knocking one out’ on Sunday mornings.