Paedophiles to further careers in hope of acceptance by society

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The nation’s paedophiles have decided to follow Michael Jackson’s example and work extremely hard in their chosen careers in an effort to be remembered for the right reasons once they pass away.

Recent coverage Michael Jackson’s untimely demise has been something of a wake-up call to many paedophiles who had previously been unconcerned with ‘work’ or ‘careers’.

“I’d pretty much come to terms with the fact that I would be despised forever more for my sexual preferences,” said a professional nonce who wished to remain nameless.

“But Jackson has shown us that all can be forgiven if you happen to be very good at your job.  So I will be working extra hard to be truly excellent at mine.”

“From now on I’m hoping people will see past all the children I’ve molested and simply remember me as a really, REALLY good electrician.”

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Many other sexual deviants will be following suit after learning that any level of under-age molestation can be forgiven if you have a successful enough career.

“I feel a bit sorry for Gary Glitter – if only he’d made better quality music or invented something like the moonwalk,” said another dirty pervert.

“Personally, I’d never even thought about climbing the career ladder,”

“But now I want to be the youngest paedophilic Senior Vice-President this company has ever had.”

“So I’ll still be putting in the hours like always, only now they’ll be mostly in the office, and not the local playground.”

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