Bruno movie removes overtly homosexual content for younger viewers

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UK cinema-goers are to be presented with two alternative versions of hit comedy film Bruno from Friday, 24 July.

The film, which centres around an Austrian fashion TV reporter, sees star Sacha Baron Cohen stage a world record number of “I’m gay and you’re obviously not” comedic scenarios with members of the public.

The 18 certificate version will be released as planned, alongside a 15-rated edit of the movie which has had all of the overtly homosexual and racist-mocking humour removed.

The shorter edit has been timed at two minutes and fifty seven seconds, and contains a series of opening panoramas followed by a list of names of the people responsible for filming those panoramas.

“It’s a little shorter than we’d have liked, yes,” said the films Executive Producer Jonathan King.

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“But once we’d removed all of the material that the classification board were uncomfortable with, this is pretty much all that was left.”

“At least the nation’s children can now participate in Bruno-mania like the rest of us!”

Bruno is expected to be a massive hit among people who enjoy seeing essentially the same joke repeated again and again, and again.

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