Tata admits Nano success depends on India never discovering Auto Trader

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Indian car manufacturer Tata, the creator of the world’s cheapest car priced at £1200, has admitted it’s entire business model hinges on India’s population never discovering the Auto Trader.

“We recognise that for people to pay £1200 for a brand new car bereft of any safety or luxury features whatsoever, requires them to believe that car to be the best deal available.”

The £1200 car, known as the Nano, is made with cardboard and held together with the spittle of child labourers.

It has been targeted at the cost-conscious Indian market in an effort to reduce the more expensive, and better equipped, foreign imports.

Better available

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It was put to the CEO of Tata motors, that for £1000 you could buy a 2.8 litre VW Golf VR6 on Auto Trader with 5 Doors, ABS, alloy wheels, CD, Central locking, driver airbag, electric mirrors, and electric windows.

“What?” he responded.

“Don’t tell anyone that, for fucks sake!” he added, displaying a flair for western style expletives.

“Err, do you have a number for the motor?” he concluded.

The launch of the Tata is expected to offer a lifeline to several retired comedians who are plan to recycle their 80’s Skoda material to suit the worlds newest piece-of-shit vehicle.

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