MI5 behind ‘terrorist atrocities’ Facebook meme

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British Security service MI5 has sensationally been credited as the instigator of the hugely successful “7 Terrorist Atrocities I have been involved in” Facebook meme.

The meme takes the form of a short tick-list, in which the user is asked to list seven terrorist atrocities they have had direct involvement in.

After completion, the user is prompted to send it to at least ten friends who might also have committed terrorist atrocities.


“The thinking was simple.  Terrorists know other terrorists.  Terrorists are people.  People use Facebook.” said an MI5 Intelligence spokesperson.

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“If we’re not allowed direct access to their friends, we lure them in with an addictive little quiz.”

“By getting the terrorist to forward the completed meme to at least 10 other terrorists we have been able to increase our suspect list tenfold.”

“Plus we’ve seen some pretty funny videos on their walls along the way.”

There have been fears among privacy campaigners that people may have been exaggerating their involvement in certain attacks in order to impress girls online, but this has not concerned the security services.

“If they said it online, it’s as good as a confession, because it is a confession.  Sort of.  Probably. We think it is anyway. Which is what counts.”

Despite MI5 coming forward to claim responsibility, no-one has yet claimed ownership of the ‘Children I have abducted’ meme.

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