One-man flash mob fails to rock market town

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A one-man flash mob has failed to ignite the imagination of a Northamptonshire town.

The impromptu event was organised by supermarket worker James Davies, 26 of Daventry.

Mr Davies used the popular social networking site Facebook to promote his event, titled “The Day Daventry Stood Still”

“The idea was to bring the High Street to a standstill for a five minute period at midday on Monday.” said Mr Davies.

Unfortunately, nobody else joined Mr Davies’ Facebook group, or in fact attended his flash mob event, prompting Mr Davies to reflect on his publicity methods.

“Maybe three months of incessant badgering of people on Facebook wasn’t enough?” he suggested.


Undeterred by a lack of responses, Mr Davies went ahead as planned with his flash mob event on Monday of this week.

“The very nature of a flash mob is it’s lack of organisation and it’s spontaneity.” he said

“So, I stood completely still for five whole minutes, as planned.”

“I got pushed about a bit, and one dog urinated on my leg, but apart from that it was a complete success.”

“I am planning another event in the summer.”

Northamptonshire police were asked to comment on the flash mob event and were quoted as saying, “There was an event?”

None of Mr Davies’ Facebook friends were available for comment.